Funny Heckler Story from My Buddy Pat


I met Pat (in Stones shirt) when I first started dabbling in comedy in 2003. Very funny guy. Here he tells the story of a time when he had to take on the most intimidating guy in the room while doing comedy. Pretty brilliant way to disarm a tough guy.

Years ago, I was on a show at The Crazy Frog Saloon in Pottstown. There was this guy there who was relentlessly heckling every comic who came up. And this guy was scary. He was an ogre of a man with a long ponytail and a celtic cross tattoo that covered his whole face. He looked like an extra from Braveheart.

Finally it was my turn to take the stage and of course this guy started right in before I even had chance to start. I decided the only chance I had was to strike fast and strike hard. So I took the mic and immediately said “Surprise, surpise, the guy with the tattoo on his face is starved for attention!” The crowd roared and I didn’t hear another peep from him for the duration of my set.

But after the show he came up to me at the bar looking like he was ready to tear me limb from pudgy limb. Just when I thought it was curtains for me, he laughed, slapped me on the back and bought me a shot. I guess he liked my spunk.

Later I was talking to some friends from the area who had come out to see me and they told me they were concerned for my safety after I went at this guy, because he had supposedly been arrested the previous week for assaulting a Walmart cashier. If I hadn’t earned his respect things may have gone much differently.

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