Julie Edges Nicole by One Point to Win JGT Bracket-tacular.

Congrats Julie! Julie has won a dinner for two to City Tap House. Second Place (Nicole) will win $50 in gift certificates, and 3rd Place (Cuse Nation) won $25. 50th Place ended in a three way tie, which came down to total points. And since it was technically 48th place that was a tie between three teams, we had to go with the team that was the farthest away from the final score. That went to Ryan, who had the final as 83-80. Not even close. His prize for doing such an awful job at guessing the final score? A $25 gift certificate. I have spoken with Julie and will try to contact the rest of you today. If you haven’t from me by tomorrow contact me at johnny@johnnygoodtimes.com and I’ll get you the gift certs. Oh, and if anyone is curious, I finished a strong 68th. Chip Chantry, who was talking mad trash earlier when he was in first place, finished 65th. Wild Guess and Monica’s Winning Bracket tied for last.

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