The Rock ‘n’ Roll Groupie Round

Here’s 10 questions on some other famous groupies that were used in this week’s wild card round. I’ve included links to videos, interviews, and other interesting facts with the answers after the jump.

1. After dancing on a car in one of the bands videos, she married the lead singer, then later hooked up with Tommy Lee. Who was she?

2. Karrine Steffans has hooked up with Diddy, Kool G Rap, Ja Rule, and Usher, among others. What nickname did she acquire, owing to her oral skills?

3. Pleather was a groupie of the 1980s and 90s that was different than the vast majority of groupies. How?

4. What Beatles song was based on the true story of a bunch of groupies breaking into Paul McCartney’s home and stealing some of his personal items?

5. Before hooking up with Johnny Rotten, this groupie followed Aerosmith and the Ramones.

6. Cassandra Peterson was a rock n roll groupie before finding fame as what late night TV star?

7. Bebe Buell was a Playboy playmate turned grouie whose brief affair with one of the members of one of the hottest bands in America in the 1970s led to a daughter who is now a fairly famous movie star. Who is this star?

8. KISS commemorated groupie Cynthia Albritton with a song about her unusual hobby. What song was it?

9. Pamela Des Barres (nee Miller) was a famous groupie in the 1970s who wrote a book about her experiences. What appropriate 4 word title did the book have?

10. Patti Boyd hooked up with Ronnie Wood of the Stones, but she is best known for marrying what two rock legends?

  1. Tawny Kitaen. Here is Tawny dancing on cars in “Here I Go Again” video.
  2. Superhead. Here’s an interview with Steffans.
  3. He was a male who followed female musicians. Here’s part of the chapter on him in Pamela Des Barres’ book (the answer to #9)
  4. She Came In Through the Bathroom Window. Here is some info about the break in on
  5. Nancy Spungen. Here’s an excellent piece about Nancy in New York Mag.
  6. Elvira. Here’s part of the chapter about her in another of Des Barres’ books. She made out with Elvis and revealed what a jerk Tom Jones was to her.
  7. Liv Tyler. Here is a picture of her two parents together back in the 70s. They were obviously both aliens.
  8. Plaster Caster. Here’s the song.
  9. I’m With the Band. Here it is on Amazon.
  10. Eric Clapton and George Harrison. Here is article in which Boyd talks about the day when Clapton played Layla for her, then told Harrison that he was in love with his wife. Incredibly, after all of this went down, George and Eric continued to collaborate musically. Those Brits.



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