A Few Rasslin Questions

I’ve had several out-of-towners request that I post a few of the questions from the rasslin quiz a couple of weeks ago. Here are some of the tougher ones. Let me know how you do. (answers below)

  1. What wrestling legend won the first ever ECW championship in 1992?
  2. In wrestling, what is juice (It’s not steroids)?
  3. This former Eddie Gilbert manager was managing the Nasty Boys when they won the WCW tag team title in 1993.
  4. What wrestling manager blew out his knee at Starcade ’86 when he fell off a 20 foot scaffold?
  5. Who won the first ever Royal Rumble in 1988?
  6. What two wrestlers were a tag team in the mid-1980s known as the Blade Runners?
  7. This wrestler won the WWF heavyweight title, the WWF tag team title, the ECW tag team title, the WCW tag team title, and the TNA heavyweight title. Who is he?
  8. The first ever African American heaveyweight champion was this former Florida State player, who won the WCW title in 1992.
  9. In one of the most hilariously awful moments in wrestling history, Sting and Davey Boy Smith  were introducing their mysterious new teammates when their mystery mate slipped and fell, his helmet falling off his head, and the mystery was instantly solved. What was this wrestler, previously known as Tugboat?
  10. Ernie Roth was probably the best known wrestling manager of the 1970s. He managed the Iron Sheik, Killer Kowalski, and Sergeant Slaughter. What was he known as?


  1. Superfly Snuka
  2. blood
  3. Missy Hyatt
  4. Jim Cornette
  5. Hacksaw Jim Duggan
  6. Sting and Ultimate Warrior
  7. Mick Foley
  8. Ron Simmons (Farooq)
  9. Shockmaster (If you haven’t already, watch the amazing video)
  10. Grand Wizard

One thought on “A Few Rasslin Questions

  1. Anthony Coombs here. Great questions, I thought I’d score 100% but I missed 2. I missed #2 and #7. I’ve got a few more interesting tidbits for you. Did you know that Superfly Snuka is suspected in the murder of his girlfriend and did you know that Roth was one of the few openly gay talents of the time?

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