Dallas, DC, and Terrence Brown Trio Added to City Vs. City Smackdown

Gonna be an early NFC East matchup on Sunday, as in addition to Albuquerque and Denver, we’ll also be taking on teams in Dallas and DC. Here’s how it will work:

Our top 5 team scores will be measured against those 4 cities’ top 5 scores. Whoever averages the highest will be the winner, and that city will receive the Cup, which will be presented at either Geek Bowl or Quizzo Bowl (depending on who wins). If Philly wins, we get to name the cup whatever we want, and we can defend it anytime we want.

The event starts this Sunday at National Mechanics at 7 p.m. The Terrence Brown trio will be entertaining between rounds. We had them perform a couple of years ago at an event at Urban Saloon and they were terrific. If you want to earn an invite, and have not received one yet, you can do so by either finishing first or second in one of our quizzes this week. You’ve got four more chances to be a part of the excitement and help bring the Cup to Philadelphia. If anyone has any questions, please post them below.


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