Updated JGTSI Scoreboard

Here it is, the scoreboard through 4 weeks. (This does not include the latest “overrated” physical challenges.) We are now halfway through the contest, and things are looking really interesting. A 2 person squad is in 3rd place, Steak Em Up has fallen to 7th, a team that hasn’t played yet is tied with Duane’s World for 4th thanks to physical challenges, and perennial contenders Savage Ear, 1022, and Insert Topical Team Name are nowhere to be found on the Top 20 list.

If you want to get your team in contention, you can almost instantly. Just get a photo of you performing the latest physical challenge on facebook by Wednesday at noon. After that, we’ll be taking the rest of that week off from physical challenges, so don’t wait too late.

And be sure to look over the scoreboard and make sure I have your points right. Some teams switch names each week so I don’t necessarily give them all the points they deserve.

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