Mama Goodtimes’ Summertime Questions

My mom wrote a round for Thursday’s quiz (and asked the questions at Ugly American). Here is that round. I think you’ll agree it’s kind of tough. In fact, it was harder. I made her change a few questions to make them easier. There are only 9 questions because one of them was the question of the week. Answers are after the jump.

1. The largest beach city in Orange County, this city with beach in its name infuriated residents of Santa Cruz by trademarking the name Surf City, USA.

2. What former Philadelphia prostitute made the lyrics “Summertime, and the living is easy” famous?

3. Three species of sharks are responsible for almost all shark attacks. What three species are they?

4. This US city has by far the most days a year above 99 degrees Fahrenheit, with over 100 days a year at over 99 degrees.

5. This month, which gets its name from the Roman Goddess of weddings, has been considered the most popular month to get married for centuries, thought it now looks like that may be changing.

6. What creature kills more people per year than any other, being responsible for the death of over 2 million people per year worldwide?

7. When does the summer solstice occur in the Southern Hemisphere?

8. Folly Beach is a popular wedding destination found near what southern city?

9. Who were the two stars of Muscle Beach Party, Bikini Beach, and Beach Blanket Bingo?


1. Huntington Beach, California

2. Billie Holliday

3. Bull, Tiger, and Great White

4. Phoenix

5. June

6. Mosquito

7. December 21st or 22nd

8. Charleston

9. Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello

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