JGTSI Scores With One Week Left

Here they are, the updated scores on the scoreboard. (Does NOT count the new musical physical challenge). Brown Betty is cruising in total points, helped along by not just physical challenge points but by a couple of wins. Steak Em Up has finally given in and started doing physical challenges. Their foolish pride was obviously taking too much of a hit to keep seeing themselves in 7th place. Remember, the top 10 teams (teams in yellow) are in the drawing for a $100 gift certificate bonus. It looks like spots 1-10 are pretty much locked up, so I will have invites this week.

There is still plenty of opportunity to make the cut however, if you want to represent Philly against Denver on August 7th. Each season, we have a few teams make the cut but drop out of the running, so I expect a few slots to open up.  Further, you can help yourself by doing the latest physical challenge. And finally, next week is wild card week. If you can’t make the cut but want to play, a Top 2  finish next week will earn you a spot.


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