JGTSI Scores Updated Through 5 Weeks

Here is the updated scoreboard. With a win and 6 physical challenge points this week, Brown Betty has taken a commanding lead. Now that Steak Em Up is way down the list, maybe I should offer a prize for whoever scores the most points. I’ll think about it. Teams in yellow are in contention for the bonus prize, while teams in blue would also earn invites if the season ended today. Teams in the green…well, they better start scoring some points in a hurry, or they won’t get the opportunity to defend Philly’s honor against Denver on August 7th.

Your best place to score points in a hurry? There have been 7 different winners in the past 7 weeks at O’Neals, and City Tap House has been wide open this summer. Things have slowed considerably since school ended at CTH, but the prizes are just as awesome as ever, and during the summer they are easier to win. $100 Gift certificate to the winner, $50 for 2nd place. If you want to win and get into the mix, I’d highly suggest the City Tap House next week.

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