Geeks Who Drink Rules Week

As you know, City vs. City Smackdown is going to be the city of Philly versus the Geeks Who Drink crew. We’ll be taking on some of the best teams in their “Big 3” cities of Austin, Albuquerque, and Denver on August 7th to determine who wins the City vs. City Smackdown…and who gets to name the trophy that will be presented at Geek Bowl (if one of their cities wins) or Quizzo Bowl (if Philly wins.)

Well, the event on the 7th will be using Geeks Who Drink rules (the last time we did City vs. City, we used Philly rules), so I figured we needed to warm up a bit using their rules this week. That means that this week we’ll be dropping our normal scoring system for their asinine system. Here is how it works. There are 8 Rounds of 8 questions each (still trying to figure out how to do this in less than two hours. I may actually have to start on time this week.) Here’s the deal, courtesy of Dicker of GWD fame:

8 rounds of 8 questions. All rounds worth 8 pts unless otherwise indicated.

R1-theme round
R2- music round – 16 possible points
R3 – 50/50 or speed round
R4 – theme round
R5 – visual round
R6 – theme round
R7- audio round (usually clips from movies/TV)
R8 – random knowledge –  16 possible points

Joker: can be played on one round only by circling the joker icon on answer sheet. Doubles points for that round only. Once a team decides to joker, their decision is final.

Conventional wisdom is that if a team knows they got 12 or higher on round 2, they should joker it since round 8 is completely random in subject matter and difficulty.

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