Week One Scores and Our First Physical Challenge

Here are the scores after week 1 of the JGTSI2. A bit of a scoring change this season. I am taking your highest finish as your point total for a certain week*. Of course there are still 7 weeks plus a wild card week left, so there is still plenty of time to get your team in the mix. I wouldn’t worry too much about a low finish or missing Week 1. Not only can you score points by playing this week, I have also kicked off the Facebook Physical Challenge, and one team is going to win a $100 prize for scoring the most physical challenge points. There are up to 10 points to be given away this week so you could put yourself high on the leader board for just a few minutes of work. Look Up Look Down won the first two physical challenge prizes, but Brown Betty took the top prize in the spring.

For more info on the JGTSI2, and why it’s important that you help us defeat Denver, click here.

So if you play once, finish 3rd, then play again and finish 1st, I will just take your first place finish.

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