The “Things My Wife Knows That I Don’t” Round

Last week I did a round called Things My Wife Knows that I Don’t. It went over well, though she obviously knows a lot of things that nobody else knows…it was one of the toughest Round Threes ever. See how ya do. Answers are after the jump.

1. Although Leonardo of Pisa used rabbits to explain his famous integer sequence, a much better representation of them would be the family tree of honeybees. What are these numbers known as?

2. Some skates and sharks lay egg cases, known as these. Daryl Hannah probably knows the answer.

3. It’s not only a letter of the alphabet, it’s also a type of skirt that is fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem.

4. What phylum do sea cucumbers and starfish belong to?

5. In French cooking, the combination of onions, carrots and celery is known as what?

6. Horseshoe crabs have blue blood because their body contains a lot of this element.

7. From what country do we get Helvetica font, from the Roman word for the country’s name?

8. Sara Gruen wrote this book in 2006, which has since been made into a 2011 film.

9. Princess, radiant, and marquise are all what?

10. What plant gives curry its yellow color?

1. Fibonacci numbers

2. Mermaid’s purses

3. a-line

4. echinoderms

5. mirepoix

6. copper

7. Switzerland

8. Like Water for Elephants

9. Cuts of diamonds

10. Turmeric

2 thoughts on “The “Things My Wife Knows That I Don’t” Round

  1. I only knew three answers, but I also know that your wife is hot, so I want credit for four, though that was sort of a gimme.

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