Spring Classic to Be Held May 1st at Percy Street BBQ

A venue has been secured for the JGT Spring Invitational. It will be held on May 1st at Percy Street BBQ at 1 p.m. I picked this spot for a couple of reasons. First of all, it can hold a fair amount of people. Secondly, their BBQ is simply off the chain delicious. You guys who make the cut are in for a treat.

Their capacity is limited, however. Which means that we can only take the Top 20 teams. If you are not in the Top 20 right now, however, worry not. There is still enough time to get there. First of all, if precedent holds, a few teams in the Top 20 won’t be able to make that day and a couple more will join forces. Furthermore, and more importantly, you can quickly earn 4 points by Monday by doing a physical challenge (in this case, climbing a tree.) That will quickly put you within shouting distance, even if you haven’t scored a point yet. But if you’re not on the scoreboard by next week, you’re gonna have to go on a hell of a run to make the Top 20. I would highly advise you to get the team in gear ASAP.

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