Quizzo Bowl Impossible Round

Here are all of the impossible round questions from the 2011 Quizzo Bowl.

1. Born on February 19th, 1473, this scientist wrote On the Revolutions of Celestial Bodies, considered by many to be the starting point of modern astronomy.

2. What city is the last national capital in alphabetical order?

3. The parotid, the submandible, and the sublingual are all what kind of glands?

4. With his Academy Award win in 1938, he became the first and still only person to win both an Oscar and a Nobel Prize. Who is he?

5. This actor, who performed in film for over 5 decades, got his first big break in the movie Rebel w/o a Cause.

6. Only one couple on the Bachelor have ever gotten married, and in fact it was the runner up who got the man. Who are they? (First names are fine)

7. Ben Franklin’s dad was a tallow chandler, meaning he made and sold what?

8. This Hall of Fame pitcher, with over 3,000 career strikeouts and 2 Cy Young Awards, has the record for most strikeouts in a World Series game, with 17.

9. In what James Bond film would you find a yo-yo saw and knife throwing twins Mischka and Grischka?

10. Who wrote the short stories upon which the musical South Pacific was based?

11. What man was the inspiration for the character Dean Moriarity in On the Road?

12. Though it was popularized by Rod Stewart in 1991, who originally recorded the song Downtown Train in 1985?

  1. Copernicus
  2. Zagreb (Croatia)
  3. salivary
  4. George Bernard Shaw
  5. Dennis Hopper
  6. Jason and Molly
  7. candles
  8. Bob Gibson
  9. Octopussy
  10. James Michener
  11. Neal Cassady
  12. Tom Waits

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