Quizzo at the Kimmel Tonight! Art and Music is the Theme

We had our first of three Kimmel Center quizzos last night, and it was…interesting. There was a show going on on the roof floor that was a bit loud, but they got done fairly early, so the last two rounds went pretty smoothly. The volume wasn’t really an issue, people could still hear me, but it was just interesting to play with ambient noise descending from the heavens in the background. We’ll time it tonight so that we have more time to ourselves w/o background noise. Nonetheless, it’s a great spot for a quiz and Duane’s World came away with the win last night.

Tonight an all-new quiz, this time on Arts, Humanities, and Music. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. We’ll kick off shortly after the Eiffel Tower light show at 10 p.m. We will be located on the main floor just beyond the Tower. Yes, they have a bar and snacks, and yes, this quiz (and tomorrow’s quiz on Philadelphia) will count towards the JGTSpI. In fact, tonight I will give 1 bonus point to each team who shows up. Have some very cool prizes to give away to the winners as well. Hope to see you tonight!

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