Jackie Robinson and the Phillies on Phillysportshistory.com

After a couple of years at iSportacus, the gang and I decided it was time to move on. We had some fun and did some good pieces, but there is such a glut of general sports blogs in the area, it was tough to stand out. So I started thinking, what is something we’ve done well on this site and is unique enough to stand out? A quick scan of the site, and happening to catch a few minutes of Ken Burns Baseball on tv the other night, gave me my answer. We’ve decided to give the sports blog thing another shot, but from a different angle. We’re going to take current events and match them up against history.
  • Not that everything on the site has to be timely. Take, for instance, this piece on the Fast Life and Strange Death of Big Ed Delahanty, a former Phillies star who was certifiably insane. Doesn’t really tie into anything, but it’s damn sure interesting to learn how he died at age 35.
Anyways, I hope you’ll check it out and see what you think. And be sure to check us out on facebook as well. Finally, we are definitely looking for stories so if you come across anything interesting on your daily voyage around the cybertubes, shoot me a line. ANd if you like any of the stories on the site, please “Like” them for facebook. Cheers! -JGT

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