Mike Minion to Host a Sports Quiz Next Friday Night

Mike Minion might be out at the Westbury and stepping aside for construction at Terrace Taproom, but he’s still gonna be doing special quizzes. The next one will be next Friday night at Ugly American. Gonna be a sports quiz. Looking forward to it. Here’s the details from Mike.

If you every found yourself watching Australian rules football on ESPN2 at 3 in the morning, have I got a quiz for you. To mark the opening of the season, I’m hosting a special 5 round “Tribute to Baseball” quiz next Friday night at 7 PM at The Ugly American. The first four rounds will be: Hitting, Fielding, Running and Throwing – the tools every player needs. The catch is that NONE of these questions in these rounds will have anything to do baseball (but they will all be about sports). After all, there are LOTS of other sports that require these skills as well. The 5th and final round will be ten challenging question on the game of baseball.

The prize is $40 to the winners and $20 for second. In addition, I’ll have a few sports-related prizes for the victors and a few more to give out randomly. The Ugly American will be putting some of their beers on special just for this event. Also, the $1 corn dog special will be on, and so will the Phillies game. So why not come on out and root for the home team with other sports nuts and try to take home the championship belt? See ya there!

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