Charles Wins JGT Bracket-Tacular; Battle Rages for 50th

Charles R. forgot to fill in a champion in the JGT Bracekttacular. Those are the kinds of mistakes that normally kill you. Not this year. None of the 77 contestants had either UConn or Butler winning the championship, so Charles has won the $75 Gift card to City Tap House. Powers finished 2nd, and we had a tie for third between Power Point Jon and MAAC Attack. Therefore, the 3rd place tie will be determined by the tiebreaker. Jon guessed 145 points scored in the Final, MAAC Attack has 150 total points scored. Whomever comes closest to the total will win 3rd. Here are all of the final scores.

There is plenty of Drama in the race for 50th place. Remember, the 50th place finisher gets a $50 gift certificate to Plough and the Stars. We had a 5-way tie for 50th, so it will all come down to points scored during tomorrow night’s game. However, It’s Middle My Dear did not fill out their tiebreaker points, so they have been eliminated. So there are 4 people vying for 50th. Whomever comes the closest to the total points scored tomorrow night will win the $50 GC. The four players and their total points in the championship.

  1. Dunphy’s Stache 147
  2. Brieket 139
  3. Whatever Happened to Phil 138
  4. The Perfect Brackets 132

As for my brackets? Another remarkably disappointing finish. 74th out of 79. Last year I finished 71st, and 2 years ago I finished 95th. I should probably take next year off. Anyways, top 2 guys get a hold of me via facebook or email ( and let me know where to send your Gift Certificates. Thanks for playing eveyrbody!

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