First Round Questions from Quizzo Bowl

Here ya go: the first round questions from Quizzo Bowl VII. Answers are below.

1. What fast food chain ran a disastrous ad campaign in 1985 called “Where’s Herb?”

2. What was the title of Helen Fielding’s sequel to Bridget Jones. It was called Bridget Jones ____________.

3. The US instituted an Open Door policy with what country in 1899, leading to a rebellion in that country the next year led by the righteous fists of harmony?

4. Falco of Rock Me Amadeus fame was born on todays date in 1957. What country  was he from?

5. In the middle ages, these were used as waterspouts to keep rainwater from damaging buildings. Now they are used more for decorational purposes, normally associated with Gothic architecture. What are they?

6. In what Florida city will you find Scientology headquarters?

7. If  someone told you to head towards the bow of a boat, would you head toward the front, back, right, or left?

8. Gary Ridgway just admitted to killing his 49th victim. What was Gary Ridgeway better known as?

9. The artist who originally recorded The Tears of a Clown turns 70s today. Who is he?

***10. What is the only person or organization to have won 3 Nobel Prizes: in 1917, 1944, and 1963?

11. What two brothers wrote the song, “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off”?

12. Lady Antebellum just won the Grammy for best Album. What was the name of the album?

1. Burger King

2. The Edge of Reason

3. China

4. Austria

5. gargoyles

6. Clearwater

7. front

8. Green River Killer

9. Smokey Robinson

10. Red Cross

11. Gerschwin

12. Need You Now



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