Scores of the JGTSpI After Two Weeks

Here are the scores from the JGTSpI. Teams in yellow are in the Top 10 and are in the running for the $100 prize bonus drawing. Teams in green would probably qualify if the Invitational ended today (depending on venue). Teams in blue would be on the outside looking in. Of course, almost no-one has taken advantage of the physical challenges. Two have expired, but the easiest one is still available until Wednesday, and your team can earn up to 4 points by having people wear their school colors. They’d also be the frontrunners for the $50 bonus prize that goes to the top physical challenge team. In addition to the online physical challenges, I will be doling out some bonus points at quizzo this week. So bring those 1970s nickels. Two great chances to earn points tonight, at the Khyber at 7 p.m. and Westbury at 9 p.m.

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