Quizzo Bowl News and Notes

worldcafeWow, where to even begin? Been spending all day trying to get a hold of local celebs. Things are incredibly hectic and yet starting to come together at the same time. I’ve got 4 recorded, and 4 I’m lined up to record. Just gotta find 4 more in the next week. Meanwhile, if you haven’t tweeted Bill Cosby yet, what are you waiting for? Come on people, let’s do this! Nonetheless, the local celebs I’ve gotten so far have been really cool and this is gonna be a really, really fun round. (Assuming, of course, I can finish pulling it off.)

As for tickets, they’re moving quickly, and this thing hasn’t even hit the papers yet. Next week, there will be write-ups in the Daily News, Philly Mag, and Weekly. DO NOT wait until the night of the event to purchase your tickets. Please get them from me next week. About 100 have sold already, and I know of another 75-80 people who are definitely attending. Which means there are about 100 tickets left. This is going to sell out before next Saturday, so be sure to either get your tickets from me or get them online. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Not trying to be a jerk about it, I just want the regulars to get their tickets before it’s too late.

In regular quizzo news, I’ll get scores and avatars up as soon as I can. I’m headed down to VA for a gig tomorrow and then right back on Sunday. The next week is gonna be a whirlwind, but it should pay off with a fun event. Have a great weekend, everybody!

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