Final Scores from Quizzo Bowl VII


Here ya go, the Final Scores from Saturday night (Top 10 teams are yellow, top 20 are green, top 30 are blue, top 40 are orange, and last place is grey). Went back and checked some scores and had to change a few things, and everything has been adjusted as best as possible. There was one major scoring change, and I have contacted both teams, who were both incredibly gracious about it. Further re-enforces what an awesome community this quizzo crowd is.

2 1/2 Kilos (aka The Jams) in fact finished 2nd, and Dorksided finished 3rd. It was a grading error, not a scoring error, and I am going to put some further safety guards in place to make sure we get things right next year. Trust me, by far the hardest thing about Quizzo Bowl is trying to grade all of those papers checked in such a short amount of time with 100% accuracy, and unfortunately, there is no way of guaranteeing that, even when things are triple checked. Not making excuses, we REALLY should have caught that, but I assure you that I will do everything in my power to prevent this from happening again. I have tried my best to make it up to Dorksided by upping their 3rd Place haul, and I again want to thank the Kilos, who knew they finished 2nd but didn’t say anything because they didn’t want to make a stink about. Doesn’t get much classier than that (I found out when I double checked the scores this morning.)

If your score seems off, let me know and I’ll double check for you.┬áBut I’ve spent all morning double checking things, and scores should be about right. Gonna work on editing the celebrity round now to make it more smooth for the internet. Hope to have it up this afternoon.

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