Quizzo Bowl Venue and Headliner Announced!

Quizzo Bowl VII Promo from Johnny Goodtimes on Vimeo.

Here’s the info, folks. I’m gonna let Fastball Bob give you the scoop. All of the details and fine print below.

WHERE: World Cafe Live

WHEN: February 19th

WHAT: Quizzo Bowl VII, the preeminent quizzo event in the country.

WHO: You, me, Fastball Bob, Chip, the Lovely Cookie, Chip, and my mom. And since I am making this a “Greatest Hits” Quizzo Bowl, Haulin’ Oats will be performing between rounds. And this year, they’re not just doing Hall and Oates songs. They’re going to be performing all of your favorite jams from the 1980s!

WHY: I thought last year’s Quizzo Bowl was quite good, but not the best. So this year I am pulling out all the stops to make this the greatest Quizzo Bowl ever. More prizes, more entertainers, more exciting questions. In addition to Haulin Oats, I am bringing back the best halftime act we’ve ever had at Quizzo Bowl. I am also bringing in a special guest singer for a cameo. And there will be both live music questions and (hopefully) video questions this year. Like I said, I am pulling out all the stops to make this the greatest Quizzo Bowl event in world history.

SPONSORSHIP: I am still looking for sponsors for this event. If you are interested in sponsoring an event that involves around 300 beer drinkers primarily between ages of 25-45, please drop me a line.

ONE FINAL NOTE: Chip and Johnny will not be rapping or dancing at this event, so don’t get your hopes up.

5 thoughts on “Quizzo Bowl Venue and Headliner Announced!

  1. Questions remain:
    Will Goodtimes be cowed by last year’s Fishtown incident?
    Will he provide beefed-up security to protect the innocent?

  2. If it’s a greatest hits QuizzoBowl does that mean Black Elvis will be singing with the Crowd Pleasers backing him while people breakdance all around them? Cuz that would be awsome!

  3. Will Fistown Eddie return? Will Quizzo Bowl VII inspire a flash mob like Quizzo Bowl VI did? Do you believe in magic? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered in the next few weeks.

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