Isn’t Anyone Brave Enough to Win an Extra $50?

minionMike Minion is posting a sizable bounty tonight at the Westbury. Here’s a few words about the quiz.

Tonight is a long night of quizzo, as I kick off the evening at the Ugly American with the Tri-Quziard Tournament, mentioned below. Don’t forget to check out the rules as they will be enforced most strictly. Also, the quiz will start ON TIME, seeing as the fun continues immediately afterward at The Westbury with the regular Monday night quiz.  The Harry Potter quiz is 5 rounds, so unless I get a Time-Turner, there won’t be time to dawdle.  Might I suggest arriving early? The UA has a good selection of potions and their macaroni salad is my favorite anywhere.  The chili and veggie pizza are pretty darn good as well. There will be some good specials for the quizzo crowd, so take advantage of them. It a great place to eat and  there won’t be time for dinner beforehand, so why not?

Now, more on the quiz at the Westbury.  Group W has had a strangle hold on the competition lately.  I’m tired of it, and frankly I’m surprised none of the the teams on the circuit has had the guts to try and end the streak. L Ron, where are you? Oh that’s right, you guys only play when you’re sure you’ll win.  The Champs? The quiz now starts at 10 so it’s not past your bedtime. The Jams (aka Phil)? The Westbury is only a few blocks from the ‘Vous- you won’t get lost if you leave a trail of breadcrumbs. Narcotyzing? You’re used to losing to these guys – at least losing at The Westbury will be something different.   Dork Sided? Savage Ear? Missing Heads?  O’Neals is a great place, but other bars serve beer as well. Other Westbury regulars like Duane’s World and the 4 C’s? Maybe if more teammates show up, it would help. I noticed your ranks have been a little thin lately.  Best of all – a team from the rank and file shows up and kick ALL of your collective butts.

Come on out and  demonstrate some team pride and take down Group W. And by the way, earn an extra $50 in the process.

10 PM at The Westbury. Be there or be yellow.

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