Perfection, Inception, and Rejection: The Week That Was

Satan's Perfect MinionsA wild, wild, Spooktacular week. Steak Em Up finishes 3rd twice, Satan’s Minions (above) get a perfect score, I blow a tie breaker at O’Neals, and two new teams win for the first time ever.

We start at O’Neals, where I didn’t realize until I was announcing final scores that we had a tie. I ran over to Insert Topical Team Name Here and said “When was Dracula born?” Not knowing that it was the tiebreaker, one of them started looking it up on his phone. They were disqualified. Bad call by the ref: In a rush, I had neglected to tell them it was a tiebreaker. Savage Ear got the win. A tough loss, but the fact that they tied means they only lost one point on the JGTAI. Also getting a win on Tuesday night? The Tubular Two, whose City Tap House win was their first ever victory.

No tiebreakers needed at the Black Sheep the next night, as Satan’s Minions went 40 questions up, 40 questions down to record a perfect 120. Remarkably, after 7 years and over 350 quizzes without a single perfect game ever at the Black Sheep, we’ve had two in the month of October (Duane’s WOrld had one a few weeks ago.) It’s a funny sport.

Earlier in the night, 1022 kept their incredible hot streak going. Through September 10th, these Rendezvous regulars had won three times all season, and hadn’t won since early June. In the last 6 games, they’ve won 5 times.

Onto Thursday, where the serial killer wild card round was an instant classic (The Ghost Movie Speed Round, on the other hand, not so much. A fair amount of anger over what constitutes a ghost). And when the dust settled, the Exhausted Nihilists were the 2nd team this week  that won their first ever quizzo.

Then to a packed Bards, where incredibly 4 teams finished within two points of each other. Eschaton escaped with the win. Lots of surprises in the Halloween Spooktacular. Going to be interesting to see how the standings shake down on Monday.

6 thoughts on “Perfection, Inception, and Rejection: The Week That Was

  1. Why didn’t you to toss the question and get another tie-breaker? I don’t get why it was better to screw the team out of a win.

  2. I didn’t realize what had happened until it was too late. At the time, I was wrapping up the game and waiting for the two teams to turn in their tiebreaker answers as I read the final scores. One team brought in theirs, the other team appeared to be looking it up on their phone. Therefore it was a split second call.

  3. Nah, I call bullshit. You had a mike in your hand to say, “There’s a tie. We need to do a tiebreaker.” What does “too late” mean? You call a mulligan and do it again. Unless there was a trapdoor under your feet, it was a split-second call because you only gave it a split second. Why not allow joint first place once you realized what happened? Disqualifying the team once you realized you screwed up is just mean.

  4. I don’t think you’re understanding what happened. We DID do a tiebreaker. That’s when I saw them using their phones. During the tiebreaker. I did not at that time realize that they weren’t cheating. Therefore I awarded the win to the other team. I was surprised that they would cheat, since I have never seen them cheat before, but that’s what I saw, so I awarded the win to the other team. Then the team didn’t do a god job of pleading their case, since they themselves were confused as to what had just happened. They just apologized. It wasn’t until later that night that I was able to put 2 and 2 together and realize that I hadn’t said “Tiebreaker” when we had the tiebreaker. I could not, at that time, call O’Neals and ask if the top two teams were there so we could have a do-over.

    1. Not a bad idea, Bob. Whoever it is should tell JGT to call it a joint win, give them their full JGTAI credit, and a round of drinks wouldn’t hurt. Maybe an apology, too, since he called them out for cheating in front of the whole bar, but did nothing but admit a bad call. The silver lining is probably that tiebreakers are going to be announced loud and clear from now on. Just because the do-over isn’t available doesn’t mean you can’t make amends. Or is “my bad” good enough?

  5. I think this case very definitely calls for the appointment of a special prosecutor. Nothing less than the integrity of the game of quizzo is at stake.

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