JGTAI Scoreboard at the Midway Point

autumninviteHere ya go, the scores at the midway point of the JGTAI. Teams in blue are in the Top 10, and thus eligible for the $100 bonus “Top 10” drawing. Teams in yellow would earn an invite if the season ended today. Teams in orange have scored but are not yet in the Top 25.

Several interesting things to note. First of all, a lot of team that just miss the cut are going to be cursing themselves later for not earning the bonus points I’ve put on the table. Since I am such a sweetheart, I am keeping the team avatar opportunity up there until Friday, since that is when I will be posting them for this week’s winners. 3 points for making a team avatar. We’ve had numerous teams get in the mix so far, with some fun results. Do not blow this opportunity to score 3 easy points!

There is a new physical challenge up now. As for making the cut, over 80 teams have scored so far. Any team, even one that hasn’t played yet, is still only one win and a physical challenge away from entering the Top 25, who will get invites. Do not give up hope, but also do not wait around any longer. Make sure you get your team out this week! Action starts tonight at the Westbury.

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