Create a Team Avatar, Get JGTAI Points


Ok, so here’s something that’s both a lot of fun and a great way to get bonus points in the JGTAI. We’ve been doing photos of the winners on the site for years, and quite frankly, it’s run its course. Last week I forgot to take photos at the Bards, and instead had to post ridiculous photos. It was kind of fun, and added a little flair to the site. So I thought, “Let’s have each team have an avatar instead of a weekly photo.” Geeky? You’re damn right it is. So here’s the deal. Either you can create your own avatar or I’ll do one for you. If you want to do your own, it’s quite easy, and it will earn you 3 points in the JGTAI. Just go to and play around a bit. (No, this is not a paid promotion. I wish.) You can either play around with your team’s photo (above) or play around with something that your team name personifies (below). To earn your points, post your new avatar on the facebook page by next Monday. Trust me, this is very easy to do and takes like 5 minutes. And it’s a lot of fun.


One thought on “Create a Team Avatar, Get JGTAI Points

  1. JGT, I’m disappointed that the day went by and you didn’t post your annual Columbus Day harangue about how Christopher Columbus was a slavemongering, genocidal, colonialist, imperialistic dbag who doesn’t deserve to have a national holiday in his honor. That post has become kind of a hallowed Columbus Day tradition. But perhaps you’re waiting for October 12, the actual anniversary of the event.

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