The Updated JGTSI Scoreboard


Here are the updated scores (heading into last night at the Westbury that is). And with two weeks left to go, man are things getting interesting. A couple of things that jump right out. First of all, the Physical Challenges are starting to have a HUGE impact on the standings. ┬áInsert Topical Team Name Here has a mere two 3rd Place finishes to their name, and yet are now in the Top 10 and if the Invitations were sent out today would be in the running for the extra $200 prize. My Name is Buck and Look Up Look Down have also taken total advantage of the opportunity to land spots in the top 12 despite no first place finishes. There is a new physical challenge posted, and there will be another posted by the end of the week. With the 25th spot in the contest being held by 5 teams with a mere two points each, you could make the cut simply by doing a physical challenge. It looks like the fight for those last few spots in the Top 10 is going to be extremely intense. The difference between 8th place and 15th place is a mere 4 points. As for teams who haven’t scored yet or who haven’t played yet, you are still in the hunt. My team pulled a huge upset at Westbury, and while I don’t score any points, my teammates scored 5. That means, despite zero wins until this week, they are now almost certainly going to get an invite. All it takes is one win in the next two weeks, or really just a few physical challenges, and you too could be competing for a $600 purse.

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