Quizzo News and Notes (Oh, and About Those Photos)


Not to worry, the pics haven’t disappeared. But the problem is that I took them with my girlfriend’s camera and she has the cord to connect it to the computer in her purse, and her purse is with her at work. So I can’t post them yet. I will try to get them up tomorrow. In the meantime, several things to leave you with.

First of all, there were a bunch of colonial outfit pics, most of which were totally awesome. And one which was terrible, courtesy of Steve-O, trying shamelessly to earn Lambda points despite the fact that they haven’t played any quizzos yet. His shameless shenanigans have earned Lambda the first (-2) score in JGTSI history. Well, there are two new assignments that you can do to earn up to 5 points over the weekend.

Here is my letter of apology to Ruben Amaro. His deal to get Roy Oswalt was nothing short of brilliant.

There are rumors of a Philaguerilla comedy show this weekend. Want to be in the Most Exclusive Club in Town* and find out when Philly’s best comedians are going to be trying out all new material? Follow us on facebook to learn when the next show is. Spoiler alert: it’s soon.

*It’s not really, I just love writing “Most Exclusive Club in Town”

One thought on “Quizzo News and Notes (Oh, and About Those Photos)

  1. Where has Lambda, Lambda, Lambda gone? Perhaps still vacationing with all their winnings from their victory at Quiz Bowl? I fear we'll see them soon.

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