Toughest Questions from Last Week


Answers are after the jump.

  1. Before WW2, what flavored filling did Twinkies have?
  2. What sea does the Danube River flow into?
  3. What’s the name of the acid in vinegar?
  4. The Sixers have had the #1 pick twice. Who did they pick those two times?
  5. What organ in the body destroys old red blood cells?
  6. Where does Spongebob work?
  7. What beer did ET drink?
  8. What two word question is the opening line of Hamlet?
  9. What beautiful creatures are lepidopterists big fans of?
  10. We call this animal by it’s dutch name, but if you translated it into English, it would be Earth Pig.


    1. Banana
    2. Black Sea
    3. Acetic Acid
    4. Allen Iverson and Doug Collins
    5. spleen
    6. Krusty Krab
    7. Coors
    8. Who’s There
    9. Butterflies
    10. aardvark

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