Quizzo News and Notes


Holy Cow, what an incredible week. Four consecutive shocking upsets. I don’t remember a time there were this many upsets in a single week. The biggest one may have been at Ugly American, where a 2 person squad that won a 98 Degrees CD a few weeks ago for last place shocked a full Diabetics team. But they were hardly the only top seed to fall. The Jams fell on Wednesday by 2 points, Duane’s World finished out of the money at Black Sheep, and even Steak Em Up lost a close one at the Bards to a team that had never played JGT Quizzo before. This leads into what should be a really fun summer tournament. I will have details coming on Monday, I hope. Still have a few minor details to work out, but I am hoping to iron them out this afternoon. If this thing gets off the ground, the rest of the summer is gonna be crazy. In other notes:

Play the sports quizzes I’ve been posting on Comcast.net. The soccer team or cheese one is pretty fun.

My dream of sampling Pee Wee Herman on a rap song finally became a reality. This is just a rough draft, but I think you’ll kinda dig it.

Have a great weekend everybody.

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