JGT Power Rankings

carrot-topA huge week of upsets has wreaked havoc on the power rankings.

  1. Steak Em Up. A loss on Thursday doesn’t knock them out of the catbird seat. Last week: #1
  2. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. A win on Tuesday, a shocking loss on Thursday. Still, they move up one spot. Last week: #3
  3. Grab Your Ankles, I Want to Put It Innuendo. I don’t remember any team playing their first ever JGT quizzo…and beating Steak Em Up. Who the hell are these guys? Does Steak Em Up finally have a rival? Last week: NR
  4. Magnus ver Magnusson. Last week not even a blip on the radar, this week a Top 5 ranking. Funny what a win over the Jams can do for you. Last week: NR
  5. Newman’s Own. The JGTQCS computer almost exploded this week, with another team playing for the first time pulling off a win, this time at Black Sheep. Furthermore, they make a hell of an Italian dressing. Last week: NR
  6. Tube Sock. A 2 person team that had won a 98 Degrees CD just a couple of weeks ago for last place pulls off an Upset for the Ages at the Ugly American and finds themselves in the most prestigious power rankings on earth.
  7. The Jams. Picked a bad week to lose by a mere 2. With so many upset winners they drop to 7th. Last week: #4
  8. Duane’s World. A 2nd place finish at Westbury was acceptable, but a rare out of the money finish at the Sheep sends their stock tumbling. Last week: #2
  9. Savage Ear. O’Neals former Lone Stars stuck in a 2nd Place rut. But at least Annie got her gift certificate. Last week: #6
  10. My Couch Pulls Out But I Don’t. Another team comes out of nowhere to impress at the Black Sheep, losing by only two. Last week: NR

Also receiving votes: Inglorious Barristers, Phillie RNs, Unusual Suspects, Why Can’t Us, Crazed Sex Poodle, Pork Fried Rice, 1022

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