The JGT Power Rankings

power_girl_1A lot of upsets last week makes for a lot of movement up and down the rankings. (If you are proud of your team’s ranking among the nerd power elite? Post “like” below to let the world know.)

  1. Steak Em Up. 3 wins last week puts Steak Em Up miles ahead of everyone else. We’ll see if a Bounty Tuesday night brings more competition to the Bards.Last week: #1
  2. The Jams. Rarely does a loss move you up in the rankings, but the fact is that out of the top 6 teams, everyone lost except the Steak. At least the Jams lost in overtime. Last week: #3
  3. Duane’s World. A rough week for the World (One 2nd, two 3rds, all by less than a question) would have been worse if more top teams hadn’t fallen this week. Last week: #2
  4. Tooth Wind and Fire. Being idle pays off, as Tooth Wind and Fire keeps the #4 slot by standing still. Last week: #4
  5. Look Up, Look Down, Now I’m a Horse. Continue to climb the ranks of the elite with a big win at Black Sheep on Wednesday. Last week: #7
  6. Inglorious Barristers. Finally get that elusive first win, and with it, an entrance into the Power Rankings. Last week: NR
  7. Why Can’t Us. Shocking upset at Ugly American. Will they be able to repeat and move up the ranks without Audra? Last week: NR
  8. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. For the first time ever, they fall out of the top 3 at the Ugly American, and continue their slide from the top. Last week: #5
  9. 4th Estate. Come up a mere two points shy of a win at Black Sheep, and sneak into the power rankings. Last week: NR
  10. Narcotyzing Dysfunktion. 8 straight 2nd Place finishes is, in some, ways, even more impressive than 8 straight wins. Last week: #10

Other receiving votes: Catdog, Magnus ver Magnusson, The Four Cs, The Awesomes, the Sandy Faux Ginas, Lambda, Same Name as Last Week, The Savage Ear, The Champs, 1022

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