Quizzo News and Notes

jgtlogo5First off, mark Tuesday on your calendars. It just got even bigger. There is a $15 Bounty on Steak Em Up, so now there is $150 worth of prizes on the line Tuesday. Yes, O’Neals will be back in action on Tuesday night. I am praying that the Flyers finish this thing in Five so they don’t wreck any more of my quizzes. If not, check back next week and I’ll let you know what we are going to do about Game 6 (which would be on Wednesday at 7 p.m.) I suspect we’d be fine at Black Cheep, which isn’t really a sports bar, but we’ll see what happens with Rendezvous. We’ll have a plan in place by early next week. They hate to cancel quizzo, so I suspect the show would go on, but stay tuned.

Good week this week. Three big upsets, which is always good news, and four of the six quizzes came down to less than one question. Big ups to Inglorious Barristers, who after months of trying and several 2nd place finishes, finally claimed their first win. Also, congrats to Look Up, Look Down, Now I’m a Horse. They are playing well and seem to be having a lot of fun doing it. Finally, a big shout out to Why Can’t Us. Team member Audra’s last quiz was on Thursday (She’s moving to San Fran), and they came away with a big win in her final quiz. Also moving, Team #Friendship member and renowned local comic Kent Haines, who is headed to Chiacgo. Want to wish both Audra and Kent Happy Trails and best of luck in their new spots.

Westbury quiz is going well. We have four regular teams and a few newbies every week, but could certainly use another team or two if you’re thinking about playing. Their drink specials are always ridiculous and it’s a good (albeit difficult) quiz.

Working on a Wild card round for Tuesday that will be unlike any we’ve ever done. It’s going to be insane.

Finally, be sure to join me over on Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo on Facebook. Gonna be doing some fun stuff with it in the near future, once we get enough people on there.

Have a great weekend everybody. See ya next week.

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