Toughest Questions from Last Week


  1. The man who orchestrated the break in of Watergate actually appeared on two episodes of Miami Vice as a man named Captain Real Estate.
  2. When Blender magazine named this 1985 hit the worst song ever, editor Craig Marks said, “It purports to be anti-commerical but reeks of 80’s corporate rock commercialism. It’s a rea reflection of what practically killed rock music in the 80s.”
  3. What sports venue did Sun Myung Moon famously choose to marry 4000 of his followers in 1982?
  4. Shylocks daughter’s name in the Merchant of Venice was the #1 name for American girls born in the 1980s. What was it?
  5. A leak from a pesticide company killed thousands of people in Bhopal India in 1984. What chemical company ran the plant?
  6. Sonny Crockett’s alligator had the same name as a famous singer and entertainer. What was it?
  7. What 1988 James Michener epic had chapters titled Gold, Salmon, and Ring of Fire?
  8. The player who had the most hits during the 1980s played his entire career for the same team, won MVPs at SS and Centerfield, and was elected to the HOF in 1999.
  9. What beloved 80s movie character had a wizard companion named Akiro?
  10. The Russian word for rebuilding, Gorbachev first used it in the mid 1980s.


  1. G. Gordon Liddy
  2. We Built This City
  3. Madison Square Garden
  4. Jessica
  5. Union Carbide
  6. Elvis
  7. Alaska
  8. Robin Yount
  9. Conan the Barbarian
  10. Perestroika

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