Toughest Questions from Last Week

mpHere’s some of the toughest questions from last week. Answers are after the jump. (For more tough questions, click here.)

  1. Born in 1892, she was known as America’s Sweetheart, which was sort of ironic, since she was born in Canada. Who is she?
  2. Lawyer Oscar Zeta Acosta, who would have turned 75 this month, is best known for his friendship with what author?
  3. In Hawaii, a’a and pahoehoe are both types of what?
  4. Whose first novel was the Pickwick Papers?
  5. In the 1980s, this artist became the first and thus far only artist to score a Number one hit in the United States with a German language song. Who was he?
  6. What cosmetic company makes Frost Lipstick in O?
  7. What was Alf’s real name?
  8. A group of apes is known as a a) shrewdness b) sounder c) herd d) pack
  9. This man claimed to reach the North Pole with Matthew Henson on this date in 1909, and is widely credited w/ being the first there, though many modern scholars doubt that he made it to the true North Pole.
  10. What god awful movie starring Kevin Costner and Kelly Preston is about a pitcher who thinks about his girlfriend while he pitches a perfect game?


  1. Mary Pickford
  2. Hunter S. Thompson
  3. lava rock (a’a is rough, pahoehoe is smooth)
  4. Charles Dickens
  5. Falco
  6. MAC
  7. Gordon Shumway
  8. a) shrewdness
  9. Robert Peary
  10. For the Love of the Game

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