Tonight’s Quizzes, Hosted by Mike Minion

Played the quiz last Monday at Westbury. My squad ate it in the final round. Thinking about playing UA quiz tonight. Holler at me if you’re interested in playing. Here’s a few thoughts from Mike Minion.

Last Monday was a Tale of Two Bars. The UA was a little slow, so there was no quiz.  More on that later.  The story at The Westbury was quite the opposite, to say the least . A lively crowd and spirited competition made for an interesting evening.  Group W (a subsidiary of Steak ‘Em Up) came from behind with an impressve final round to win for the second week in a row.  JGT’s team imploded in the last round, and finished out of the money.  Big surprise.  This week, I’d like to see some new team step up and keep Group W from completing the hat trick.

Last week also marked the start of a new feature.  I let the team with the lowest score for the night pick the theme for this week’s wild card round.  They choose “Science”. Lest this scare you off, have no fears.  In my book, asking who recorded the song, “She Blinded Me With Science” counts as a science question.  The 2nd round should be amusing as well.

Re the UA quiz: The UA regulars (L. Ron, Lambda) have been conspicuously absent from Monday nights.  Maybe they only want to play when they know the topics are slanted in their favor.  Or perhaps the idea of facing The Champs is a little intimidating.  Just thinking out loud.

Beer specials at both venues. Dollar off all drafts at Ugly American, and Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter is on tap for $3 at Westbury, as well as a dollar off all Dogfish Head beers. Gonna be a fun quiz. Hope to see you tonight, and start studying your Thomas Dolby songs!

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