JGT Power Rankings


  1. Steak Em Up. Sort of weird week for them, as they played under three different names, but at least two members of what is now a glorified posse were in each win (including one at Westbury), so we’ll give them the benfit of the doubt. Three wins in a week propels them to #1. Last week: #3
  2. L. Ron Hubbard. Another week, another win, but perhaps they need to double up another one of these weeks like they did last week to get back in the top spot. Last week: #1
  3. Lambda. A two man win at the Vous, followed by a one man 2nd place finish at the UA. Yeah, Steve-O is an 80s freak, but still, mighty impressive. Last week: #5
  4. Duane’s World. A second place finish at the Westbury and a 3rd place finish at the Black Sheep (and Eschaton’s 3rd at UA) drop the World two notches. Last week: #4
  5. The Savage Ear. Get a week off due to the Flyers game. A bye week helps them nurse their injuries and return stronger than ever. Last week #4
  6. The Narcotyzing Dysfunktion. A 110 would have won at any quiz last week…except Tuesday night at the Bards, where they lost to the Plastic Paddies by one. Last week #8
  7. The Jams. A second place finish at the competitive Vous is enough to maintain the #7 ranking. Last week: #7
  8. The Plastic Paddies. This team is at a crossroads. They can either declare themselves an autonomous entity free of Steak Em Up influence and become a major player in the game, or they continue to be sort of an offshoot republic still under the power of the Steak (in which case they won’t be back on the power rankings). There is some serious realpolitik going on here. It will be interesting to see how it turns out. Last week: NRĀ 
  9. Supple Cowbell of Maury Buford. An incredible performance at Black Sheep this past Wednesday rockets Buford onto the top 10. The very rare one man win begs the question: what could they achieve with teammates? Last week: NR
  10. Catdog. Good news: they’re back in the top 10 w/ a 2nd place finish at Black Sheep. The bad news: they lost to a one man team. Last week: NR

Others receiving votes: Tooth Wind and Fire; Inglorious Barristers; The Champs; Magnus ver Magnusson; The Four Cs

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