O’Neals Ups Prizes to $50 and $25!

308391logoWow, just got off the phone with Spoonie. Seeing as we’ve been a little quiet the last two weeks, I thought we might up the prize money a few bucks. Spoonie said the heck with a few bucks…the O’Neals quiz just became the biggest purse on the JGT circuit! $50 gift certificate for First Place, $25 for 2nd Place, starting tonight at O’Neals! Things have been a little quiet lately, so I think you’ll probably score a table. $50 buys a lot of $3.50 margaritas. ALSO TONIGHT: Bards starts at 10:15 p.m. Tuesdays have been a lot of fun with Team Friendship bringing some real fellowship and smacktalking into the mix. $2.50 Lagers and Miller Lites. The prize money ain’t too shabby either. $40 for first and $20 for 2nd. And needless to say, Philly’s best questions. Oh, and if you have any suggestions for a 50-50 or speed round, shoot it to me on facebook. Hope to see you tonight!

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