Who Wants to Play Quizzo Tonight?

the-ugly-americanMike Minion is hosting quizzo tonight, and I think I might play. Anybody interested in playing? Action starts at Ugly American (where I am thinking of playing) at 8 p.m. Mike will also be at the Westbury tonight at 10:15 p.m. It is Mike’s quiz, even though I am promoting it here, so there is no chicanery involved. He has said that his quiz will have a bit less pop culture than mine and be slightly more difficult. We’ll see. Anyways, get at me if you want to either play with me or against me. I would suggest against, since truth be told, I am not very good at quizzo. There, the cat’s out of the bag.

Last week a veritable Nor’easter didn’t allow enough people to make it out to Ugly American for a game, but we had a nice turnout at the Westbury, and here were the top 3 scores. I’ll have photos up on the site this week of the top finishers.

  1. Cathy Drove 91
  2. No Duane, No Problem 88
  3. Reser”vous” Dogs 74

Hope to see ya tonight!

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