Vote: Worst Music Video Ever

Well, it’s Final Four week and in an effort to honor it we’re going to be doing of our own Final Four Awards around here. And the winners will be up to you. Today we start with Worst Music Videos of all time. Check them out below and then vote for the worst. And over on isportacus, we want you to vote on your favorite “Almost but not quite championship” teams in Philadelphia.

Lose You Tonight by Jan Terri

Rock Me Tonight by Billy Squier

Elektronik Supersonik by Zlad

Hooked on a Feeling by David Hasselhoff

4 thoughts on “Vote: Worst Music Video Ever

  1. No Journey, “Separate Ways”? I could have filmed that with four friends and a camcorder..they are just walking around on a dock singing.

  2. Nice to be periodically reminded of why Beavis and Butthead was such a godawful show. I'd rather listen to cats meowing Christmas Carols than listen to those two mindless idiots.

  3. Hasselhoff's video makes me want to kick him in the throat so i guess that's the worst. I think Elektronic Supersonic is the greatest song and video of all time and Jan Terri looks suspiciously like Steve O in a wig. No wonder he knows so much about 80's music.

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