8 thoughts on “What is Your Favorite Quizzo Bowl Venue So Far?

  1. The only thing I didn't like about this QB was the beer situation. Obviously, a place that has a bar is going to cost the consumer more than one that allows you to bring in your own beer. Plus, the beer “special” ran out too quickly and their prices on the rest of their beer were ridiculous.

    One thing I do like about the TLA is the fact that on any given weekend night where the temperature is about 60 degrees, you're pretty much guaranteed to see a riot any time you look out the front door. And thanks to Lamda, there was almost a riot inside too.

  2. Riot? Why? Because we won? Oh….that thing. It was defused soon enough, and things almost got back to normal.

    BMT brings up a point I had almost forgotten. The beer “special” did run out, so the reason people were buying the non-special beer is because it ran out relatively early in the night (and there should have been a backup special).

    But, I don't want to just whine as I often do. It was a fun time, and you could tell a lot of work went into it as usual. So great job, once again. Not many could pull this off.

  3. Not only did Steve O and his squad of truncheon-wielding thugs win the whole damned thing, but then he does and sets a new North American land record for most comments posted in a day. This guy's on fire

  4. Reminds me of when I won the fifth grade spelling bee. I just went on and on about it. To shut me up and calm me down the nuns had to give me a shot of thorazine that they kept on hand for that type of situation.

    As for that disturbance on South Street, I heard that it was caused by Donovan McNabb who likes to organize flash mobs when he gets bored by texting and twittering his friends.

  5. I like bands that, when announcing they're going to play a sing-along song, pick a song we already know. I think after Haulin' Oats' awesome job last year, you should go for a Journey cover band for next year.

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