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mikeMike Minion of Eschaton is going to start hosting quizzo at the Ugly American and the Westbury on Monday nights. He’ll be using my format but his own questions, and I’ll post photos of the winners here. Here’s his short write up of what to expect at these quizzes.

The newest addition to the very loosely related JGT family of quizzos starts tonight. And while in the familiar JGT format, this quizzo is written and hosted by Mike Minion (a founding member of one of the Quizzo Bowl VI 2nd place teams – Eschaton).  JGT has no foreknowledge of the questions, which means you’ll get the chance to compete against him every now and then.  Yeah, I know, you’re all trembling in your boots.

Over the coming weeks, this quiz will feature some fun and challenging twists on the legendary JGT theme.  There will be a little less focus on pop culture, and the questions will be a touch more difficult in the 3rd and 4th rounds.  To ease the shock, tonight’s quizzo will be pretty much what you’re used to.  In the future, I make no such promises.

Here’s the details:

When and where to play: 8:00 PM at The Ugly American, located at the corner of Front and Federal, or 10:30 PM at The Westbury, located at the corner of 13th and Spruce. Like other JGT quizzos, it’s the same quiz at both places, so you can only play once a night.  If the starting time at the Westbury seems late, don’t worry.  It’s not “JGT time”; it will start promptly at 10:30 PM and move along quickly.  It will end no later than any of the quizzos at The Bards.  And for those of you who are used to operating on JGT time, please note: I’m going to try to start the early quiz as close to 8 PM as possible.  If you walk in at 8:20 PM (which usually gives you plenty of time for an announced 8 PM start of a JGT quiz), don’t be shocked if we’re finishing up the first round.

Prize at Ugly American is a $30 gift certificate for first place and a $15 dollar gift certificate for 2nd place. At the Westury, the prizes will be $40 and $20. Hope to see you tonight!

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  1. Normally, yes, but to paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, what's wrong with that? The Westbury is open to folks of all orientation. Your bartender there this evening will be none other than John Edgar, of Duane's World fame. And there is a rumor the JGT himself may make an appearance.

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