The Power Rankings


  1.  L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. 8 straight wins at the Ugly American. Can a team that tied for 6th at last year’s Bowl make a real run at the title this year?
  2. Steak Em Up. Continue to dominate at the Bards. Will the fact that they will have Garbo at this year’s Quizzo Bowl mean a 2nd win for the Steaks (aka the Kingdom). God, we hope not.
  3. Lambda Lambda Lambda. If Pat Riley hadn’t patented the word Three-peat, the two time defending champs would be in line at the patent office right now. 4 straight wins at O’Neals, but they did lose to the Diabetics on Thursday.
  4. The Jams. Fighting tougher competition on a weekly basis than the 3 top teams, a very rare out of the money finish this week for the Jams.
  5. Yak Rodeo. This is a team that has decided to flex their brains in the weeks leading up to Quizzo Bowl, and it paid off with a win at the Black Sheep this week.
  6. Duane’s World. A tempestuous few months for this crew. A win last week, out of the money this week the story of their year. Can they achieve some consistency before the Big Dance?
  7. The Ear. Keep finishing 2nd to Lambda. Jury is out on whether or not they will rep the home ‘hood at Quizzo Bowl.
  8. Deja Vous. An impressive win at the Vous. Unfortunately last year’s best dressed team will not be back this year due to a wedding.
  9. Axis of Evil Knieval. Take Steak Em Up to the wire on Thursday with only a 3 person team. Can they improve on last year’s 14th place finish? 
  10. CatDog. Attending their first Quizzo Bowl this year, Duane’s World’s biggest nemesis aims to shock the world. 

Also receiving votes: Narcotyzing Dysfunktion, Quiz on Your Face, Inglorious Barristers, The Champs, Hurtin Bombs, Satan’s Minions, What Would You Do if I Punched You in the Face?, Ivan the Trivial, Ricky Hollywood

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