I Heart the 90s Week at Quizzo!

90sThat’s right folks, following the success of I Heart the 80s Week in January, we’re busting out a decade later, with an I Heart the 90s Week. Expect questions about O.J., Monica, Jordan, and Right Said Fred. All 90s questions, all the time, with a few surprises to keep you honest. Should be a fun one. And you all lived through it, so no whining and no excuses! And if you don’t know the 90s, don’t sweat it: I went to the Dollar Store yesterday and stocked up on last place prizes.

UPDATE: Uh, whoops. Due to various substances I ingested in the 1990s, I seem to have lost my short term memory. We did do a 90s Round in January, not an 80s round. Oh well, what the hell, let’s do it again. And this time, it’s all the 90s. 1790s, 1890s, 1990s, etc. We’ll do an 80s round next month, after I finish the “80s Project” I am working on. Btw, I am still looking for props for the 80s project if you have any.

10 thoughts on “I Heart the 90s Week at Quizzo!

  1. You can't be serious. By “..following the success of I Heart the 80s Week in January…”, do you mean, “following the success of I Heart the 90s Week in January…”?

    You did a 90s quiz in January, and were talking about an 80s quiz to follow. Unless you have 80s questions about OJ, Monica, Jordan and Right Said Fred.

    1. Well, he can ask 80s questions about Jordan and OJ's timeless work in The Naked Gun; the others, not so much.

      1. If I did an 80s quiz, I was going to do some questions on some Right Said Fred's lesser known works before they “hit the bigtime” and questions on Monica Lewinsky's elementary school.

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