Quizzo Bowl Team Uniforms

Picture 3As I have stated previously, teams that wear uniforms/outrageous outfits will be given VIP seating. More importantly, it adds a certain geeky pageantry to the proceedings that I am a big fan of. If you are interested in getting uniforms made, might I suggest Triple Play Sports? This family owned and operated sports store at the corner of 9th and Christian has been serving the community since 1971, and I know some of the teams got their jerseys made their last year. I spoke with Dewey today, and he says that you can knock off 10% of any Quizzo Bowl order (and their prices are already extremely reasonable).  Just tell them it’s for Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo. I would try to get your jersey order in no later than March 16th. Another jersey idea? You could do what we did for Geek Bowl and get matching uniforms from our friends at phillyphaithful.com

Also, something I mentioned yesterday but want to reiterate: I know some teams are having trouble filling out their rosters. I also know a few free agents floating around. If you are in either one of those situations, please shoot me an email and I’ll try to hook you up with a team or a player.

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