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Ok, folks, lots to talk about going into the weekend. First of all, get your Quizzo Bowl team together so you can buy your tickets at quizzo next week. We’re over 120 tickets sold, and I have about another 80 on standby, meaning that with a week to go, we have about 100 spots open. You do not want to miss this show. It will be one of the best shows in Philadelphia in 2010. Trust me on this one. 

There are rumors circulating about me rapping and dancing at this year’s Quizzo Bowl. Sadly, I decided to retire the “song and dance” routine after last year’s Quizzo Bowl (above). Therefore, I will not be rapping and dancing at this year’s Quizzo Bowl. Please dismiss any rumors you hear to the contrary. They are attempts by malcontents to bring me out of retirement. Won’t happen. If you have any questions about Quizzo Bowl VI, please send me a message either by emailing me or by sending me a message on facebook.

8 thoughts on “Quizzo Bowl News

  1. JGT is right, it is sad. Mostly because my team takes a serious hit without him. We now rely on me, which is really REALLY dangerous.

  2. Gabe may be missing from this year's QB. He may also be a goon. And yet another thing he may be: quizzo's king of ass-tapping. But one thing he'll never be: Dmitri the Lover.

  3. Bah! Is only one Dmitri the Lover with time tested system to meet and boff American sluts with large breasts. Accept no substitutes. No more blue balls.

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