Lambda Makes it a Threepeat

lambdaCongratulations to Lambda Lambda Lambda, who made it a threepeat last night at the TLA. Eschaton and Deacon Blue finished tied for 2nd. Of course, the event was not without it’s usual controversy, characters, and craziness. I will have a full report tomorrow, as well as photos and final scores of all the teams. I’m dedicating today to drinking Bloody Marys and watching basketball. Thanks to everyone for coming out last night. Hope you had fun. I know Fishtown Eddie did. 

IMG_1636T-2nd: Eschaton

IMG_1635T-2nd: Deacon Blues

9 thoughts on “Lambda Makes it a Threepeat

    1. I'm still not sure that this was not a creation of Mr. Goodtimes. Having someone charge the stage screaming insults at the performers and staging a brief and stormy walk-out of one to make the point that Fishtown is unfairly represented as short-tempered loud mouths is too surreal to believe. Either way, it was one of many highlights!

  1. Is true. Knowing more about pointless efforts to make schlong bigger worthy of trophy. Dmitri's protocols require little in the way of enhancement. End blue balls through enslaving sluts, not send money to 900 number.

    In Russia we know nothing of Fishtown. But we know sucks.

    1. Is no sweat. Obamacare gives free pills to increase schlong length and width. Is perfect with secret protocols for boffing sluts with large breasts. No more blue balls with Obamacare. Is great country or what? Is my proposal to change name U.S.A. to Barackistan in honor of great man who banished blue balls.

  2. Congrats to Lamda! We will now be holding auditions for next season's super-group to figure a way to defeat them!

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