The JGT Quizzo Power Rankings

computer-fireA big week of upsets caused a JGTQPR computer meltdown, but we were able to salvage the rankings before the resulting fire destroyed everything. Here we go. 

1. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. Another week, another win at the Ugly American. The only team to escape the week unscathed. Last week: #4

2. Steak Em Up. They fall on Tuesday to a Quattro team that would be permanent if BMT and Kenney had a spine between them, then win on Thursday. We won’t speak of what happened on Saturday. I’m still bitter. Last week: #3

3. Ivan the Trivial. Domination finally ends with a 15 point loss to the Ear. Last week: #1

4. The Jams. Playing without Phil, they don’t crack the top 3 of an increasingly competitive ‘Vous. Last week #2

5. The Ear. After months after swimming in circles, they get off the schneid in a big way, crushing the #1 team in the land. Last week: NR

6. Catdog. In and out of the rankings the past few months, they come up big this week with a win at the Black Sheep. Can they maintain their top 10 status this time? Last week: NR

7. Magnus ver Magnusson. Get that elusive first ever win at the Vous on Wednesday. They’ve been the hunter for months, how will they react to being the hunted? Last week: NR.

8. Duane’s World. Two games, two 2nd place finishes. Last week: #5

9. 1022. A top 3 finish keeps them in the top 10…barely. Last week: #6

10. Claudia Kishi Fan Club. A week after their parents finish in the 10 spot, they finish 2nd at the Bards to claim a spot in the top 10. Last week: NR

Also receiving votes: Lambda, Narcotyzing Dysfunktion, Axis of Evil Knieval, Salsa! Seltzer!, Phillie RNs.

16 thoughts on “The JGT Quizzo Power Rankings

  1. News Flash: Steak Em Up split up last week and won 1st and 2nd, netting $60. Apparently you weren't paying attention…again.

  2. I don't read the comments often, however I have noticed them the past 2 weeks. Folks, while fun, it's just a game.

    1. Suzy, JGT does these power ratings and then just sits back and laughs at the response. Why do you think he refuses to make Steak/Sofa No. 1 (even though, let's face it, they have the best Quizzo team)—because he knows that in the kingdom of the Geeks, the Power Rating is akin to manhood. It drives them crazy not to be ranked 1st. And it is very humorous for the rest of us to watch.

  3. If anything, that loss on Tuesday should have dropped you even further in the rankings. It proved that the players you poached from other teams are the reason you guys win so often. And one has to wonder how good the Jams, Duane's World, L. Ron, etc. would be if they swiped the best players from both the 2nd and 3rd best teams at their respective bars.

  4. At the risk of offending JGT's misguided sensibilities, Steak 'Em Up is not the Sofa Kingdom. Both Kenny and I are part of SEU (I coined the team name) and so I don't appreciate the suggestion that we're mere scabs. We oblige your whiny demands that we break up on Tuesday and what happens? You relegate the two of us to rented mule status and demean the concentrated power of the Steak. No bueno.

  5. In Johnny's defense (that was hard to type), I will say that he was fairly neutral on asking for the team to be broken up. He made no “whiny demands” on Tuesday.

    Also, there are no original JAMS left (it's like a now touring 50s Doo Wop group or later episodes of Charlie's Angels), and persons who frequently played on other Clemens teams (Broad Street Bullies, Ern) now play for the JAMS fairly regularly.

  6. Phil,
    His whiny demands (while not present Tuesday) have been going on for quite a while. So we grant his request and he rips us. He's the Jim Rome of quizzo.

  7. I'm not suggesting that you are scabs. I am arguing the opposite: that if you and Kenney joined forces to make a team to challenge the one that is known as the best in quizzo, that you would instantly give the Bards what every quizzo needs: a rivalry. As it stands, no-one can come within 20 points of this superteam, so it seems like fewer and fewer teams are even bothering to try. The Bards was once my busiest quizzo. The last few months it has been my quietest. This dip to have started when the Sofa Kingdom went from great to unbeatable. Coincidence? Perhaps. But I will say this; it's not as much fun to play and it's not as much fun to host when the outcome is essentially predetermined.

    1. I see a fault in your logic, Johnny.

      If a proverbial BMT/John Kenney and assorted others played on Team A and Nate/Koob/Garbo/other auxiliary SK people played on Team B, it seems likely to me that those teams would finish 1 and 2 in some order in the lion's share of the quizzoes at the Bards, depriving any of the assorted other teams from ever attaining some free libations/kudos on all but a select few occasions. (I do not intend to insult any other of the regular teams at the Bards, I do not know them all that well) The “rivalry” of who finishes first or second would not hold much sway with the other bar patrons other than the ones on those teams.

      1. Phil I disagree, Breaking up Team A into two teams would mean that those two teams would most likely still playing for #1 and 2 spots BUT it's more interesting for everyone bc there is competition but also the winning score would be a more approachable 108ish rather than an untouchable 115ish. Gives the illusion of a chance to other teams.

        Bob-please do not try to draw profiles between the logic of a successful quizzo enterprise and the economic theory of conservatives vs. liberals. If you say that the answer to the Bard's quandry is Tort Reform, I swear to God…

  8. I suggest that BMT and his fellow travellers– Steakems, Sofuckingdumbers, or whatever aliases they adopt– be banned from quizzo for life. They're obviously guilty of using some sort of mental steroids.

    If that seems too severe, impose a limit on how often they can play. Say, every other month or so. Or perhaps a confiscatory tax of some sort on their winnings, say 80% or 90%, so that they have absolutely no incentive to play.

    After all, it's a core principle of Obamaconomics and Democratic policy that any and all success in life should be penalized in the interset of “fairness,” so why should that not also apply to quizzo?

  9. No, Dan, tort reform is not anywhere near comprehensive enough to remedy the institutional and systemic problems inherent in the present quizzo system. Small scale reforms will not work. What is needed is either a complete government takeover of quizzo or at the very least wide ranging government regulation of quizzo to prevent abuses. We need to reform the system so that unpatriotic and selfish economic parasites such as the Fuckin'DumbSteakums can no longer dominate the system and unfairly take more than their fair share of the economic rewards. If they were forced to share their obscene profits by being made to buy a round of drinks for the entire bar when they win, it would go a long way toward correcting the present inherently unfair system.

  10. JGT,
    Now that you've returned from Denver, your reminder. The 2009 JohnnyGoodtimes Moneyboard is just a few imputs away from completion. Needed are the money finishers at O'Neal's and Bards on Tuesday 12/29 and Locust Rendezvous and Black Sheep on Wednesday 12/30. They have never been posted. You were also to confirm that either Thursday, the 3rd or 10th of December, there was no contest held at the Bards. I believe the results of Quiz Bowl and the Fall Brawl should also be included as part of the overall tour, so please include that information as well. Once I get missing statistics, we'll let the numbers have their say.

  11. I'd like to see something indicating how teams fare when they play (as our team is semi-regular for most of the year). Also, I'd like notations on how many players were there for the team. Too much to ask, I know. Just saying that I'd like to see that.

    1. I keep track of all of that stuff for our team because I'm insane. I started to build an application to track it for other teams as well, but I didn't know if there would be enough interest. If there are other crazy people out there that would enjoy that sort of thing, it may be worth revisiting.

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