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geekIn the airport, getting ready to board to head back to the Illadelph. I reread yesterdays post and I felt like I didn’t properly congratulate Dicker and the Geeks Who Drink gang for putting on such a great show. Please forgive me, Geeks, I wrote that first thing Sunday morning, when I was hungover and still a little bitter about the loss. 

The show was outstanding. It ran 4 hours, which is a little longer than they wanted it to run, but I’ll be honest, I was kinda bummed when their were no more questions to answer. I mean, I was a little quizzed out after 80 questions, but I could have taken 20 more.

I understand how difficult it is to put on Quizzo Bowl, so trust me, putting on a show as succesful as Geek Bowl was is no easy task. I should have written a bit more about that and been a little less petty about the questions in my original post. (That being said, I will never forgive Dicker for the Fruit Loops question. You hear me, Dicker? Never!)  

One thing I forgot to mention was the opening dance number, which was nothing short of spectacular. It was better than anything the Grammy’s put on last night. A choreographed dance number with like 30 quizzo hosts. I do have some video of it, which you’ll have to see to believe. (I wanted to post it today, but of course I lost my video charger, so it may be a couple of days.) Also, the music round was awesome. All of the songs were played live by a one man band. There is a very real possibility I could be shamelessly stealing this idea for Quizzo Bowl. 

All in all, I want to congratulate Dicker and the rest of the Denver crew for a job well done. I’m gonna work on the first half of the video on the flight home, so hopefully I’ll have something up by tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Follow Up Post to Geek Bowl

  1. Thanks JGT. Much appreciated.

    Ok, maybe that Froot Loops question wasn't, um, the best in one of my career…. But it was born out of a panic that the whole quiz was too easy. And sometimes, you want to put in that one question that one nerd knows and it totally makes their night (at the expense of pissing off other notable quizmasters)…

    Need to check the scores and see if anyone got that right…

    Thanks again to the whole Philly crew for coming this year. I'll do my best to send a Denver team to be sacrificed live at Quizzo Bowl. If my wife was not 1 week away from stork delivery I'd be there for sure.

  2. Johnny – losing as the bubble team sucks. Sorry man. I like the idea of an all star lineup of various quiz masters performing a song and dance number to kick off the Bowl.

    For that matter, any new Bowl news?

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